Leka brand is built on the emotional appeal to the costumer. Leka brings a festive sense to woman’s world, makes her strive for beauty and perfection, and makes the world around her more beautiful.
Fashion house Léka’s center of design is located in Manhattan, New York. Every piece of clothing that is made here is full of the free spirit the “Big Apple”represents. Léka is a designer clothing brand that brings fresh ideas to the wardrobe of independent and self-confident modern women.

‘Our collections are designed for the brave women, those looking for uniqueness and diversity in style.’ – Leka

Creative director and soul of the brand Léka sets the direction for the development of the brand and monitors its stylistic components and the product range. The designer has a very special relation to the clothes, on the one hand, it is her favorite child, a part of her heart and soul, and on the other hand, it is a masterpiece of form and emotional blend.

The designer’s architectural background became a great base for the expression of infinite love to the beautiful forms and shapes. Architectural ideas that are embodied in the fabric give life to the unique models for striking personalities, fashion enthusiasts and real women.

‘I am always highly concentrated on the quality of the details – to make the model comfortable and snug, trendy, to get the model off the beaten track’ – Leka

The process of making fashionable clothes is a very interesting and creative process, but it is also a laborious one. That is why the importance of some stages of production cannot be underestimated. We are faithful to traditions and adhere to the classical canons at tailoring, that is why every handmade piece of clothing marketed under the brand name Leka is a real work of art.